SWD offers your restaurant or business a naturally efficient disposal alternative.

By recycling your food and other organic waste with SWD, you can:

  • Raise your recycling rates
  • Increase diversion rates
  • Use a cost-effective disposal option
  • Foster a green image among your employees and customers

Food waste is a major problem

Food waste in the foodservice industry is one of the most recognizable areas of food waste in America. According to a 2005 study at The University of Arizona, food waste as a percentage of the total food used is 9.55% in fast food establishments and 3.11% in full service restaurants in the United States. That may not seem concerning, but, to put the statistics in perspective, the same study estimated that the total food loss per day amounted to 49,296,540 lbs in all full service restaurants and 85,063,390 lbs in all fast food restaurants. While this is projected value based on collected data, it gives an idea of the sheer amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis in foodservice.

Change the way you dispose of Food Waste.

We provide a specifically designed program, including special SWD containers, as well as the training and support necessary to ensure a successful outcome. We then transport your food and other organic waste materials to a special local facility where it will be turned into compost, other soil amendments, energy, or other valued products.

Acceptable items for Food Waste Recycling can include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, seafood (bones and shells)
  • Bakery items and ingredients
  • Eggs and paper egg cartons
  • Milk, juices and cartons
  • Plants and cut flowers
  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
  • Paper products (napkins, paper towels)
  • Ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese