A waste-to-energy (WTE) company and a food waste firm have agreed to build three anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in New England.

Edmonton, Alberta-based WTE firm Himark BioGas International signed an agreement with NEO Energy, a food waste specialist based in Portsmouth, N.H., for the design, construction and startup of AD and fertilizer plants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, according to a news release. The AD plants will recycle food waste to produce organic-based fertilizer and renewable electricity.

As part of the agreement, Himark will serve as a technology licensor and owner’s representative for NEO during the design, construction and operation stages of the plants.

AD plants designed on Himark’s patented IMUS technology can produce renewable energy and pathogen-free fertilizer from food waste, source-separated organic materials, cow manure, ethanol plant waste/thin stillage, slaughterhouse waste, food processing waste, and agricultural waste (open pen feedlot, sand-laden dairies, etc.). The IMUS technology also can handle feedstock containing large amounts of sand, dirt, rocks, plastic and cellulose.